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Aloès Vera (Fr) -> Aloe Vera (En)
Aloe is an essential ingredient in your beauty treatments. Its multiple active properties make it a shock ally for your hair and skin. It contains a multitude of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C and E, all of which have high antioxidant power. Its moisturizing, astringent and antibacterial properties also stand out.
Aloe Vera gel recipe
Recipe for the face and eye contour serum with aloe vera

It literally means bean water ... the water we used to pour into the sink when we emptied a can of chickpeas. What you need to know is that the water in cans of chickpeas mimics the protein in egg whites, making them a very good egg substitute.
Chocolate brownies with aquafaba


Citron (Fr) -> Lemon (En)
Lemon is also appreciated for its antibacterial properties. It fights the appearance of wrinkles and spots on the skin. A lemon mask on his face will therefore eliminate all impurities such as pimples or blackheads. Finally, lemon helps tighten pores.
Honey scrub recipe


Gommage (Fr) -> Scrub (En)
The exfoliation is a treatment that eliminates dead cells present on the surface of the skin. It tightens the pores and helps to remove some small imperfections.
Honey scrub recipe


Huile d’amande douce (Fr) -> Almond oil (En)
Sweet almond oil moisturizes and protects skin and hair, while restoring vigor and radiance. Soothing, it relieves irritation and itching. Nourishing, it is perfect in case of chapped skin or dry skin, as well as in prevention of stretch marks.
Honey scrub recipe

Huile vegetale (Fr) -> Vegetable oil (En)
The oil nourishes the skin, even oily skin. Like soap, there is an oil for each type of skin. Depending on the situation, you will opt for an oil that is less absorbent or, on the contrary, for a dry oil.
List of oils suitable for skin type


Miel (Fr) -> Honey (En)
Honey is a 100% natural beauty ingredient. It is rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids. It is perfect for taking care of your skin. It will have a softening, moisturizing and regenerating action on the skin. In addition, its healing and anti-bacterial properties will soothe the most sensitive skin and problem skin. Honey also promotes cell regeneration and thus helps fight skin aging.
Honey scrub recipe


PUL (Fr) -> PUL ou Polyurethane Laminated (En)
Le PUL : une matière souple et facile à coudre. Le « PUL » est un tissu 100% imperméable, doux et souple, qui coud facilement et permet de confectionner toutes sortes d’articles imperméables et résistants aux lavages répétés. En particulier, c’est l’imperméable utilisé pour la confection de couches lavables. Il est aussi tout à fait indiqué pour la confection d’alèses, de bavoirs, tapis de change, protection pour siège auto ou siège bébé, housse de coussin de chaise, protection de fauteuil, paniers pour animaux et plus généralement tout type de protection contre les liquides.
Tuto Charlotte alimentaire


Sérum (Fr) -> Serum (En)
The serum, sometimes called an elixir, helps to heal the skin in depth. It is applied to cleansed, makeup-free skin. Usually at the end of our beauty routine, just before going to bed or in the morning.
Recipe for the face and eye contour serum with aloe vera

Sucre roux ou cassonade (Fr) -> Brown sugar or Cane sugar(En)
It is a brown crystallized sugar extracted directly from sugarcane juice and collected in turbines after vacuum concentration and crystallization of the syrups.
Brown sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant. It will help loosen dead skin cells, activate cell renewal and delay skin aging. Its grain, larger than that of white sugar, will smooth the skin and make it softer.
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